The aim of this program is to engage young people’s in further education and to share concepts behind computer programming, renewable energy and introductory robotics, as well as get them Active & Healthy. The iCreative program involves creative sessions, programming activities and discussion sessions. The iCreative program was developed to bring together complementary educational activities to suit all types of youth people and their various interests in learning.

The iCreative activities involve three stages: the creative stage where children are stimulated through music playing or painting, the programming activities where they are going to test their ideas and a relaxing stage where discussions about the different solutions take place.

It is an opportunity for children to experience something creative, educational and cultural at the same time. During the activities, computer coding exercises are combined with creative work, drumming, singing and painting experiences will be shared to create an environment where children can learn skills they may not otherwise have access to in their day to day lives.

The benefits of these activities are many and varied. A fun way to learn to code while developing creativity, communication and artistic skill.