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Game Programming:

Step up your coding game

Play game and learn coding in Python/JavaScript



Arduino Robot

Printrbot – 3D Printing

Duckietown – MIT

Kids Coding:


GCompris Educational Software

Programming Languages:





External programming websites:

Learn to code interactively for free

Learn coding and web design

Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL

Learn serious code on your iPad

Learn Ruby on Rails by building real world apps

Become a web developer

Take courses to launch your tech career

Level up your programming skills

Learn about the latest web development frameworks

Learn to code by creating real life startups

Learn Javascript on your iPhone

Learn programming in a creative way

Learn by doing with hands-on courses

Become a developer with 1-on-1 mentorship

 Master Ruby on Rails and other web technologies

Learn to code awesome websites

Learn to code 

Build apps with the skills you already have

Learn to code by playing a game

Learn how to code in one month

Try a Nanodegree

Learn to code for free

Challenge your coding skills

Cloud computing

Learn Drupal with video tutorials

Learn Python with all-in-one code editor